Who we are



To produce the cleanest, most dependable fuels on the planet.



OCHIUS is an early-stage fuels technology company focused on eliminating emissions, not engines.


All day, everyday, diesel powered engines propel our global supply chains forward. However, they also generate about 14% of global CO2 emissions. While some might seek to eliminate diesel, practical alternatives are limited.


So instead of eliminating the diesel engine and rebuilding the entire global transporation fleet, OCHIUS has set out to develop a better diesel fuel. OCHIUS is developing the technology and system designs required to build and operate net-zero fuel refineries at scale, around the world.


Our flagship product is Syn-DTM: a synthetic diesel that will meet the world's most stringent diesel fuel standard, Europe's EN 590, and can be made to be completely net-zero on a full lifecycle basis, using carbon capture, utilization and storage.


That means customers will be able to replace conventional diesel with Syn-DTM and immediately reduce their lifecycle emissions without having to change anything about their equipment or infrastructure.


Circular carbon economy

OCHIUS is designing a refining process to make use of a variety of feedstocks, from natural gas to CO2 and hydrogen.

Our systems will produce synthetic fuels that remove as much CO2 as they create, making them net-zero.

Heavy-duty equipment will continue to rely on energy dense fuels, like Syn-DTM, to keep them moving forward.

Our system promotes the buildout of carbon capture hubs, crucial to building net-zero economies.

Our system reuses existing infrastructure, to speed up emissions reductions and reduce material consumption.

Our 2-stage approach allows us to quickly scale in the near term, while laying the foundation for a circular carbon economy, tomorrow.

About our name

“OCHIUS” (oh-KEY-us) comes from the blending of “OCH”, representing oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen, with the Latin suffix “-IUS”, meaning “made of”. Together, our name translates to “made of oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen”, capturing the essence of our product line.

Eliminate emissions, not engines.